Collaboration Not Competition

It is no surprise that 30% of property managers leave the industry due to stress

PM Collective is an influential platform for Property Managers to work together through collaborative training which aims to create a better industry that is enjoyable to work in.

What we do

We create events and networking opportunities for property manager professionals. All it takes is 2 hours per month to WORK ON YOU AND YOUR CAREER.  Our focus is on reducing burnout, increasing motivation and accountability, wellness, mental health and improving communication with colleagues and clients. Along with our expert training sessions, our community is strong, happy and will keep you motivated


“PM Collective has helped support hundreds of property managers around Australia grow in their career through collaborative training and expert discussions.”


What they’re saying about me

“LOVING this podcast, even as a settlement agent I am gaining so much knowledge & tips for my daily working life! – keep it coming Ashleigh”

— Amelia